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Do you have lots of WordPress Sites ?

I am sure you know the pain dealing with lots of WordPress Sites

Manually logging into each site to Update WordPress, themes or plugins...

Changing WordPress settings....

Managing comments...

And many more WordPress actions that take time

Here's some of the tedious regular tasks for WordPress sites owners:

[*] Manage Plugins & Themes

[*] Manage Posts & Pages

[*] Manage Categories & tags

[*] Change WordPress Settings

[*] Manage Comments

[*] Manage Users

[*] Manage Media Images

[*] And many other time consuming tasks you have to do daily

I can speak from experience cause i myself have more than 100 WordPress Sites and all these tasks cause massive pain for me.

I try to find solution for this but almost all app in this area is charging monthly fees which is very expensive

They charge per site fee or per month fee or additional fees for extra features

And they even didn't have complete solution like i want, most not able to manage posts, pages, categories, and many more

The good news for you is I decided to create solution that would let you manage MULTIPLE SITES from a SINGLE DASHBOARD - without having to pay monthly fees.

Save your money and time and the best part: Never pay monthly fees and you can manage unlimited sites that you own.

Here's the awesome app solution that solves all those problems, save your time and takes away all your pain....


WP Control 

WP Control is Must-Have Web App Lets You Manage All Your WordPress Sites From ONE Single Dashboard.
Now You Can Manage Your Content, Images, Videos, Plugins, Themes & All WordPress Updates At Once

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With WPControl you can

  • One Summary Dashboard for All Your Sites - Bird's Eye View
  • Add & Manage Unlimited WP Sites
  • Install Multiple Themes, Plugins Quickly on Any Number of Sites
  • 1-Click Update WordPress Software, Themes & Plugins for All Your Sites
  • Change WordPress Settings Across All Your Sites Instantly
  • Centrally Create & Manage WordPress Posts & Pages
  • Centrally Create & Manage WordPress Categories & Tags
  • Centrally Create & Manage WordPress Users
  • Create Groups for Sites - Tag & Categorize Them Easily

You’ll be amazed by WP Control's POWER and EASE-OF-USE:




  • One Summary Dashboard
  • Add & Manage Unlimited WP Sites
  • Install Multiple Themes, Plugins Quickly
  • 1-Click Update WordPress, Themes & Plugins for All Your Sites
  • Change WordPress Settings
  • Manage Posts & Pages
  • Manage Categories & Tags
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Comments
  • Manage Images Media
  • Create Groups for Sites - Tag & Categorize Them Easily

WP Control App Standard -  Unlimited Sites




  • All features on Standard Pack Plus....
  • Apply Filters & Do Bulk Actions on Your Sites
  • Bulk action for Plugins, Themes, and Comments for All Your Sites. You can manage all this for all sites at once, this is HUGE Feature. The Standard can only do it 1 site at a time, with this Bulk Action on PRO, you can manage multiple sites at once.
  • Create & Install Plugins & Themes PACKAGES. Package can contains more than 1 plugins and you can install package, and it will install all the plugins inside that package with just 1 action.
  • Directly Access WP ADMIN Area Inside The App
  • 1-Click Login to Any of your WordPress Admin without A Password.
  • Scan Vulnerabilities
  • Scan Performance & Speed of Your Sites with Detailed Report
  • Scans Malware
  • View System Info For Your Sites

WP Control App Pro -  Unlimited Sites