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Digital Marketing and Social Media: Expand Your Knowledge

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing came into existence after the need for professionals in the field to reinvent themselves: if everything was online, marketing also needed to be.

Even when discussing digital marketing, we almost immediately associate social media. Still, the concept goes beyond these channels: websites, blogs, podcasts, media strategies, and SEO are also part of this great method that has become a consolidated trend in the United States and the world.

But since the association between digital marketing and social media is so normal, let’s explore this front further as one of the proven digital marketing strategy frameworks.

As you know, social media are channels that foster conversations and aim at the interaction between users, but they have also taken on another role: that of promoting brands and selling products; after all, if users spend more than 3 hours a day on networks, your brand also needs to be there, do you agree?

That’s why we at Mari Marketing will tell you all about the union between digital marketing and social media, in addition to showing you a little bit about how this combination works!

How To Combine Digital Marketing and Social Media Effectively?

The first step in creating a strategy combining digital marketing and social media is to structure your brand planning: who is the brand, what is the purpose, who do you want to talk to, etc.

This planning will guide all of your communication and actions on the networks and is essential for anyone who wants to use the channels as a point of contact with customers, expand the company’s message, and even sell – although this is not the most appropriate objective, since social networks are considered a top-of-the-funnel step, where you prioritize knowledge and relationship with the user.

Social networks are interesting channels to work with educational, inspirational, and related content, getting closer to visitors, leads, and customers.

By the way, creating a specific plan for social media will also help the brand understand how this contact will work more clearly, prioritizing users’ nutrition and the brand’s humanization.

Set the Right Social Networks

Digital Marketing and Social MediaThis is also one of the steps in your digital marketing and social media planning: which social networks are most suitable for your brand? Again, it is necessary to structure your planning to answer this question.

Go back to a few steps and think: who is your target audience? How does he communicate? Which networks and formats does he prefer? By defining your business persona, you will have these answers clearer. Consequently, you will understand which are the best networks to use directly with your audience, making communication more assertive and effective.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Demand an Editorial Calendar

Remember how we talked about educational, inspirational, and related content? Your digital marketing and social media planning will also define these editorial lines.

By creating an editorial calendar, you will have a macro view of your schedule, understanding which content makes the most sense at a given time and which analyzing commemorative dates can be used by your business, for example.

Again, persona creation will help you here. That’s because, knowing who you’re talking to, it’s easier to define which content is most interesting to that person and which moment fits best.

For example: at first, you can work on a brand awareness phase, creating institutional posts and answering questions and, in parallel, creating educational content about your niche or product – of course, with subtlety. After all, we are on social media essentially to interact; buying is the consequence of a well-made digital marketing and social media strategy.

Track the Metrics

There is no digital marketing and social media strategy without tracking metrics, and that’s great! Think of how difficult it was to measure the success of a TV or radio commercial, for example. In the world of digital marketing and social media, we have the results of everything done in a few clicks, and only then is it possible to understand if your digital marketing strategy framework is really working.

Regularly monitor the important metrics you define and understand the health of your strategic planning: is it working as it should? Is your persona being impacted effectively? What needs and can be adjusted? How to improve the journey? Which contents are more or less successful?

You have all this information in a few minutes, and it is essential to understand your business’s next steps in digital marketing and social media.


There’s actually a lot of social media to use alongside your digital marketing strategy. But only experts can tell which is best for you at every instance after considering several factors. This is why you must think of using one of the best digital marketers to boost your business in the online space. Mari-Marketing is one of the best digital marketers we trust after testing their services.

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