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Does Technology Contribute To The Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Meta: The advent of technology has transformed lives for the better. From banking to eCommerce, the virtual world is full of opportunities. Every organization expands activities online to cater to a greater audience.

Streaming services are now capturing their audience’s imagination. There are online movie libraries that offer streaming services playing real-time events at low prices. The internet is a combination of the Smartphone, and it has revolutionized society. Untold dangers exist, and this phenomenon is threatening.

What is Cyber Security?

It is a term for Information Security. It is a practice of ensuring integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information during the process of transfer as the recipient or sender when it is in archive or storage.  The threat is prevented by a set of rules and the security teams handle the appearing threats.

Cyber Security refers to the combination of tools, best practices and technologies, and risk management methodologies, acting as an enabler for organizations. The combination works in tandem to safeguard, individual accounts, networks, software, protocols, hardware, and data from theft and illegal intrusion. The cyber security subject is an evolving technology where the threats emanate from the evolving virtual world.  The number of attacks is increasing, and so is cyber security improving. There will be a gap due to technology’s rapid advancement and newer lacunae.

Organizations need to invest in cyber security as their entire existence depends on security. Staying vigilant against the illegal theft of personal information and data is the legal IT framework across countries.  Such actions result in costly penal actions and lawsuits against the institution.

Importance of Cyber Security

Data is handled and safeguarded. Hackers look for data as it fetches prices in the black market. There are many ways to get information, such as:


A common method is Phishing used by hackers. It presents a blend of social engineering and technical sophistication. It is aimed at employees. The phishing attacks sole aim is to get your personal information and use it to blackmail an organization or a person to sell to the highest bidder.

Phishing is done through impersonation. Spurious links of a popular organization come through fake websites and attract unsuspecting individuals. They use their financial credentials to log in or donate to the websites. These are the keystrokes being recorded and are later misused. The phishing incidents are increasing with the working from a home pattern on increase.


Extracting information illegally from networks means planting malware. It is malicious code destroying networks. It may be planted to record the information passing through it or maybe within a network planted. Effective malware stays for long in the networks, but with the cyber security teams, it is easy to identify and eliminate them. The malware mimics the activities and legitimate codes, creating a smokescreen.

Advantages of Cyber Security

Cyber security is a technology offering numerous benefits. It is a must to have one as the advantage of cyber security are many, such as:

  • Protects the network of an organization, and individual information.
  • Less costly, and there are no legal issues or financial loss, costing more.
  • Promotes reputation, giving importance to the data.
  • Enhancement technology is cyber security offering a holistic approach.
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