IOS 15.5 —How the Latest Features Will Improve Your iPhone


Apple launched IOS 15.5 (Beta version) in April. Here’s how the latest feature will improve your iPhone experience.

Apple launched IOS 15.5 (Beta version) in April. This feature has been available for more than a year with regular updates.

The latest is IOS 15.4, launched in March. It introduced features like Face ID compatibility and 37 others.

The changes to the application are not much. However, they serve as the foundation for significant future updates.

Beta releases are subject to changes.

And that’s because they exist to ensure that new features are bug-free and functional.

Downloading it now may be of no use to you. You also do not want to run into bugs. Besides, you may experience data loss.

If you’re eager about trying out the beta version, use a spare IOS device.

So when will the final IOS 15.5 version be available? We expect the original version in about three to four months with beta live.

Here are the latest features and how they can improve your phone. These updates are available now.

“Send” and “Request” Buttons of IOS 15.5

This addition will allow you to make transactions outside the App Store.

The ‘send and request’ feature will save you from several steps. With this feature, you can request or send payments directly from contacts stored on your iPhone.

You won’t need to log into your bank application to make transactions. This feature is one of its major benefits.

iTunes Pass Vs. Apple Account Card Feature of the IOS 15.5

9To5Mac discovered some changes to the iTunes Pass, which allows you to add funds to your iTunes account through a card.

The new name might be called Apple Account Card. If it happens, it will appear on the Wallet App.

The name better reflects its use to purchase things from the iTunes store and other purchases within the App.

You won’t need to use your QR code with the change while using an Apple Store. You’ll use Apple Pay instead.

It’s currently not available on the current Beta version. With the final release of the IOS 15.5, it might be available.

Apple Classical

If you love orchestral music, you’re in luck. 9to5Mac discovered a few lines of codes that seem to point to the creation of Apple Classical.

The codes enable you to “open a compatible track directly in the optimized service.”

Here’s what they discovered, “<string name=”open_in_apple_classical”>Open in Apple Classical</string>”

Its availability in beta is not a guarantee that Apple will release this feature.

They might find something wrong with it and scrap it. Or they might make it better. 

But why is Apple interested in creating a dedicated App? The reason is that it can be tough to search for classical music on a streaming service.

And it is tougher since there are thousands of orchestras. Surfing through these lists will be difficult.

If Apple executes the Beta version of Apple Classical, you’ll be able to search by composer, repertoire, etc. It will make the process quicker and more efficient. 

Earlier, Apple included two Android widgets. Version 3.9 reveals gadgets with slimmer border padding, allowing better screen space. The music player has more width and height; the grid shows tracks at 3×2 and 3×1.

Apple SportsKit Rumoured in IOS 15.5

The Apple SportsKit feature will project live sports scores, sent to your home screen widget using Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri.

There’s a possibility that the SportsKit won’t be available to everyone. Only specific sports teams and personalities might have access to this feature.


Third-Party Payments For Apps in the IOS 15.5 Version

Subscriptions will get better with this new feature to the IOS 15.5 version.

Initially, Apple users could only purchase items in the Apple Store. If they execute this new feature, you’ll have the choice of buying things outside the App.

Recent legal actions may have necessitated this addition.

IOS 16 Expectations

Besides IOS 15.5, Apple also has plans to release IOS 16 by June of this year. The brand will announce its latest version by June this year. It will happen at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

The update will only work on iPhone 6 and others higher than it. It will include more interactive widgets, health tracking, and notifications changes.

Like previous updates, we do not expect to see significant changes. The last time Apple made drastic changes to IOS was with IOS 7. They had to revert to the previous version after massive criticism.

Here are additions to the IOS 16 Updates that we might expect:

Health Tracker

Like the IOS watch, the IOS 16 will also include health tracking features. The feature works when you keep your iPhone in your pocket or near your waist. It will monitor your walking steadiness, sleep tracking, and medicine management.

Health Tracker IOS

Sleep Tracker

Another software we might expect is sleep tracking. The feature will monitor your movement, breathing, or snoring. It will reveal how much time you spent awake and sleep time.

The Focus Mode

Focus mode is one feature that will help you avoid distractions. It will help you decide the level of interruption you want. If you send a message to someone with focus mode, your device will let you know. You may determine if you’re going to notify them silently or loudly. Focus mode covers driving, fitness, mindfulness, and reading.

Crash Detection

The crash detection feature is great for emergencies. If you fall and do not move for over 60 seconds, the alarm alerts others. It may also automatically call an emergency on your behalf. Sudden sharp movements in your car will also trigger an emergency call.

Apple Classical

Like IOS 15.5, the IOS 16 update will also include Apple Classical for orchestral music fans. With Primephonic, your music search will be precise. Based on certain parameters like composer, repertoire, etc.

There might be new changes to the IOS 15.5 (Beta version) but existing ones seem promising. We eagerly anticipate its launch.

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