Learn to Build a Blockchain in 10 Minutes Using Node.Js

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It is exciting to know that you can build one of the most exciting technologies with a few steps. Blockchain has become one of the most powerful technologies in recent years. That is not only because of its diverse use but also how fast it saturates the business market. Also fascinating to hear is that you can build a blockchain in 10 minutes using Node.Js.

Large companies are already implementing different blockchain applications. You can also learn to build a blockchain with a simple concept. And that involves using a Javascript known as Node.Js.

What is Node.Js?

Node.Js is an open-source Javascript built on a Chrome V8 and runs on servers even outside web browsers. It is used in running both traditional websites and API key services. Some of the advantages of Node.js include;

  • Data streaming is more straightforward with Node.js
  • Node.js increases the creativity of Javascript experts.
  • It enables event-driven programming and improves scalability in the blocking processes.

Why Should I Build a Blockchain Using Node.Js?

Node.Js is one of the best platforms for building web applications. One of the reasons for that is because it is excellent for both the server-side and the users’ end.

It is also important to note that you do not have to be an expert in Node.js to use its tools. You can easily find online support that can help with your experience.

What To Consider Before Building A Blockchain with Node.Js

It is straightforward to build a blockchain using Node.Js. However, you have to consider a few things before starting. They include;

  • Identify if you need a crypto token.
  • Decide on using either a private or a public blockchain. 

How to Build a Blockchain Using Node.Js

To build a blockchain of this kind, you need to know Javascripts, developing smart contracts, and UX/UI designs.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can build a blockchain with Node.js;

Download the Lisk Hub Desktop Wallet

This step is what to begin within the process. The Lisk can help you buy crypto tokens on which you can develop your blockchain app.  You can also send and receive data quickly with the Lisk tokens.

Lisk Hub can help users to create a Lisk ID and account. And that is one of the vital parts of initializing this process.

Set up The Lisk Core

The Lisk Core is a program that assists in executing codes using Node.js. Lisk Core is also relevant to storing API responses during the setup. So with these, you can monitor and configure tasks.

Set Up Your ‘Lisk Commander’

Setting up the ‘Lisk commander’ is another part of the building process. This aspect also covers the system’s configuration and outlines the list of commands.

Set Up the ‘Lisk Elements’

The setup of your ‘Lisk Element’ is vital to building the functionalities of your blockchain system. Lisk Element is a javascript library that contains Node.js packages. And you can install these packages to set up different functionalities of your choice.

These functionalities include;

  • Creation, approval, and verification of transactions
  • Cryptographic functions.
  • Paraphrasing helpers to recover and generate private keys.

Develop The app with All the SetUps

The setup and installation so far are now ready for you to build a blockchain with your specification.

You can use the ‘Lisk Commander’ to communicate your transaction to the blockchain.

Additionally, the ‘Lisk Elements’ contains packages with functionalities. Developers can use it to build the functionalities in the apps. All transactions and configurations can be set up with Lisk Elements.

You can also learn to build a blockchain using Node.js on Lisk with other helpful resources here

Suppose you are trying to build a blockchain using Node.js for a project that involves large organizations and businesses. It is advisable to create the Node.js on Fabric. Fabric computing is suitable for high-performance computer systems consisting of storage and processing functions.

Wrapping Up

The emergence of blockchain in recent years is still in progress. Developers have found ways to use blockchain applications in different industries. Companies are now also adopting this technology to enhance an effective workflow. That is because it can influence vital sectors such as; cybersecurity, healthcare, government, and Banking.

However, building a blockchain system can require some level of skills.

Using Node.js, an open-source javascript, to build blockchain software is a good idea. It is an excellent option because of its suitability for both front-end and server-end interfaces. This post highlights how to build a blockchain using Node.Js on Lisk Hub. All the setups, installations, functionalities, and configurations are straightforward on this platform.

So, as this technology becomes a driving force in the global market, it is vital to learn to build a blockchain using different ways.

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