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No one can hurt you, Except for you.

hurt you

No one can hurt you, Except for you.


Learn what the people you know mean, and avoid saying something stupid in the future.




How many of you are happy always? What‘s the reason you are not satisfied? What is the situation which is not allowing you to be comfortable?  How many of you have someone/behavior which is not allowing you to be happy?

There are two options

  1. Either they change and keep asking them to change – The continuous process of asking them to change will only help to a certain extent, and they will be in their particular way. Being in their way will cause irritation, anger, anxiety, and fear. The more this is created, the more we ask them to change.
  2. Or how do I change how I think and feel when they behave the way they behave?

hurt you

Situation and people are responsible for what I feel is right or wrong?

The human mind is one of the most powerful yet also one of the most fragile. It is as if it gets stressed with every new task and can be triggered by everything.

Has anyone dealt with anger in the last few days? Who was the cause which created that feeling of anger? Each time we used the vocabulary with said, he irritated me, she upset me, and most importantly, you hurt me. When we are saying this, feeling it, believe it here, and blame them just because that person is not perfect.

My feeling is not excellent, and I ask them to change, but they refuse to change it. Have you ever felt this? The more they refuse, the more frustration is caused inside me just because they don’t understand what is right or wrong for me. The only person who can understand is me. The one vocabulary should be changed so that you stop blaming the other person for your feelings.

And when it comes to professional life, there are several things that people tend to do, and we do not emphasize them as much. But we have done these things that are critical in the business environment.

For example, a person doesn’t choose a career just because they like writing. Still, they pick a profession because they enjoy doing it, which is one of the most critical factors in choosing a career that most people overlook when choosing their job.

You cannot roam and run around people and keep hunting them as a trial. Somewhere you need to stop excluding and draining your thoughts to be clear about what you want in life. Stop making excuses, do things that make you feel secure, and stay around people who make you feel accepted.

Your most considerable responsibility is taking care of yourself. You are allowed what you haven’t figured out about your life. You are not in competition with anyone else but yourself. This planet needs love more than anything else right now. I know from my deep experience that even when anything doesn’t make you happy or make sense, you must be consistent and keep going and growing.

Trust your instincts and process.


Denise Cooper

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