The Best Coral for Reef Tanks: Reef Royalty Jewels

best coral for reef tank
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Introducing the Reef Royalty: Stunning Corals for Your Reef Tank

As a reef tank enthusiast, your goal is to create a stunning underwater oasis brimming with color and life. When it comes to selecting corals, you want the true royalty of the reef – corals with vibrant hues, unique shapes, and graceful movement. These are the crown jewels that will make your aquarium regal. In this article, you’ll discover the top jewel corals that will elevate your tank to majestic new heights. From pulsing Xenia to intricate Acropora, you’ll learn how to bring reef royalty into your kingdom. With proper care, these corals will not only survive but thrive and astound you with their beauty. Read on to meet the corals fit for a king and make your tank the envy of fellow hobbyists. When adorned with these jewels, your reef will rule.

The Top 5 Best Coral for Reef Tanks

As a reef aquarist, you want the crown jewels of corals to showcase in your tank. Some of the most prized specimens are known as the “Reef Royalty”. These are corals renowned for their unparalleled beauty and often come with a royal price tag for best coral for reef tank. However, for the dedicated hobbyist building a world-class reef aquarium, the investment in these aquaculture gems is well worth it.

Favia Coral

Favia corals are highly sought-after for their vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Their calcareous skeletons form delicate cups, plates and encrusting masses making a striking display. Favia require strong lighting and stable water conditions. With the proper care, these corals can live for decades and develop into magnificent specimens.

Duncanopsammia Coral

Duncanopsammia corals, also called Whisker Corals, are iconic corals recognizable by their long sweeping tentacles. They come in a variety of bright colors including green, red and yellow. Duncanopsammia attach to rocky substratum in reef environments and aquariums. They prefer intense lighting and heavy flow along with weekly feedings. With attentive care, Duncanopsammia can thrive for many years.

The “Reef Royalty” corals are the pièce de résistance that transform an ordinary reef tank into an underwater wonderland. Although demanding more advanced care, their exceptional beauty makes the effort worthwhile for dedicated aquarists seeking to cultivate a world-class reef aquarium. With the right conditions, regular maintenance and patience, these corals will flourish and reign over your reef tank for years to come.

Caring for Your Reef Royalty: Tips to Keep Coral Thriving

When setting up a reef tank, choosing the right coral is key to success. Some of the best options for beginners and experts alike include:

1. Mushroom Coral

These colorful corals are easy to care for and propagate quickly, making them ideal for beginners. Provide medium to high light and steady water conditions. Mushroom coral comes in a variety of bright colors like red, green and blue.

2. Torch Coral

Torch coral features long tentacles that sway gently in the current. It requires medium to high light and stable water parameters. Torch coral is relatively fast-growing and available in shades of pink, red and orange. Propagate by fragging branches to share with fellow reefers.

3. Bubble Coral

Bubble coral has bulbous polyps that extend each day to feed and capture light. It needs medium light, moderate flow and consistent water quality. Bubble coral grows at a medium pace and comes in green and tan varieties.

4. Candy Cane Coral

Candy cane coral features red and white striped polyps. It has medium to high light needs, moderate water flow and stable water conditions. Candy cane coral has a medium growth rate and is semi-aggressive, so give it plenty of space.

5. Hammer Coral

Hammer coral gets its name from the hammer-shaped polyps. It requires medium to high light, moderate water movement and stable water parameters. Hammer coral features green, red and orange color morphs and has a medium growth rate. It can be semi-aggressive, so position carefully in the reef tank.

With the right lighting, water conditions and space, these beautiful corals will thrive and become the crown jewels of your reef tank.


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