Understanding the Price Source Field in SAP Business One Documents

SAP Business One Price

SAP Business One Price is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool designed to streamline operations for small and medium businesses. When creating sales orders in SAP Business One, understanding the price source field is crucial for ensuring accurate pricing and discounts. This article explains how the price source field functions and how it helps users identify the origin of prices and discounts within SAP Business One documents.

Price Source Field Values

The price source field contains six distinct values that indicate where the prices and discounts originate from:

  1. Inactive Price List: Indicates that the price list associated with the business partner is inactive.
  2. Active Price List: Means that the price is sourced from the active price list without any discounts applied.
  3. Active Price List, Discount Groups: Signifies that the discount is sourced from the discount group while the price is derived from the active price list.
  4. Special Prices for Business Partners: Shows that the price is taken from the Special Prices for Business Partners window.
  5. Period and Volume Discount: Demonstrates that the price is sourced from the Period and Volume Discounts window.
  6. Period and Volume Discount, Discount Groups: Reflects that the discount is sourced from the Discount Group, and the price is obtained from the Period and Volume Discount window.

Identifying the Correct Price Source

To ensure that the pricing and discounts are correctly configured, follow these steps:

  1. Verify the Price List: Ensure that the active price list for the business partner is accurate and reflects the latest pricing.
  2. Check Discount Groups: Confirm that the discount groups are appropriately applied to the items in question.
  3. Examine Special Prices: Review the Special Prices for Business Partners window to confirm that any custom pricing for specific business partners is correctly set up.
  4. Review Period and Volume Discounts: Check the Period and Volume Discounts window to verify that any quantity or time-based discounts are correctly configured.

Setting Visibility for the Price Source Field

To view the price source field within SAP Business One documents, make sure it is enabled in the form settings:

  1. Navigate to the Form Settings section.
  2. Locate the price source field and set it to ‘Visible’.


Understanding the price source field is essential for maintaining accurate pricing and discount configurations within SAP Business One documents. By familiarizing yourself with the six distinct values associated with the price source field, you can effectively manage pricing structures, apply appropriate discounts, and monitor the performance of your ERP system.

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