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Stealth Siphon - Unlimited Sites

We Took Content Curation and Reversed Engineered It. . .

While we realized we COULD build a huge following using curated content, we were still missing a BIG piece of the puzzle because it was so hard to monetize it.

After all, you are sending traffic to someone else’s website, so how do you get visitors eyeballs on your optin forms and offers?

So we did a little digging around.

We found out there were several SaaS companies with the the technology to do exactly what we wanted - gain the ability to monetize curated content.

Their technology allows you to send someone to a link on a website you don’t own yourself and display YOUR opt-in form or offer alongside the website content.


Stealth Siphon 

Stealth Siphon is very easy to set up and get your campaigns up and running quickly, there’s so many more benefits to this traffic tool

Check Our Stealth Siphon In Action

With StealthSiphon you can

  • Get massive viral traffic from 5 different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest) - no need to rely solely on risky Google traffic anymore
  • You can add your links to these networks directly from your blog’s WP Dashboard - a huge time saver
  • Super Easy setup gets your campaign set up and running in just minutes - so you can start earning fast
  • Build your list with highly targeted content you don’t even have to write yourself - it’s like having a professional writer on staff without the wait or the expense. . .
  • Easy to implement - get your first campaigns up and running in a minute flat so you start collecting leads and getting sales almost immediately
  • Gain full control over your links - because they’re hosted on your own site you don’t need to worry about any funny business from platform vendors. . .
  • Delay option allows visitors enough time to read the article linked to and understand how your related offer in the exit pop helps solve their problems. . . and this sets you sales and opt-ins
  • Stealth Siphon installs in just a minute from inside your WordPress dashboard - no complicated tech issues to stress over
  • Two redirect options inside Stealth Siphon gives you complete control over your visitor’s experience, redirect visitors to any URL of your choice, or display your own custom calls-to-action on the curated content inside an exit pop created within the WordPress editor. . . with your choice of images, headlines or text.
  • Linking out from your own website has enormous SEO benefits in terms of building blog authority and ranking - so why would you choose to redirect from a platform you don’t control yourself? Stealth Siphon is your clear choice
  • Boost your rankings safely with the social signals gained via Stealth Siphon - never put your site in Google’s crosshairs from risky link building schemes again
  • Your conversions will go through the roof because you can hand-pick content to link to which leads perfectly into your offer
  • If you’re running paid traffic to your links, the delay feature helps in the event of a manual review . . . all a reviewer will see is a helpful article on a quick glance

You’ll be amazed by Stealth Siphon's POWER and EASE-OF-USE:

Stealth Siphon - Unlimited Sites