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One fine night I was at my friend’s home – this, I thoroughly enjoyed doing in my nineteens. After a whole full day, we just sit and chit-chat more, or backbite about other people. That’s not all; we also enjoy doing a couple of other activities, such as playing not at the night, watching movies, listening to music, cooking, having dinner, and many more.

Earlier, I mentioned that I was at a friend’s place. Who exactly is my friend? I present him to you through words that you may perceive through one of your five senses or rather one of the six senses. However, this 6th sense is only for females. Yes, I understand this hurts but there can always be a male in female but no female in male.


Back at my friend’s house; we were seated on the roof chit-chatting, and sharing our thoughts and ideas about life as a whole. We spoke about what life holds, what we are doing, and the things we’re currently going. After everything, I drove my ride home and enjoyed the read of the night.

The next morning, after waking up, something strange happened. Yes, a guy (a stranger) came outside my home, where we had our Toyota Camry parked. The guy came with a Policeman, screaming and pointing to the vehicle, saying this is the same vehicle at a crime scene. He emphasized that he checked the car where the accident happened but he couldn’t see well because it was dark. He further mentioned that the car smashed him and his beloved father, who already passes away. Looking at this guy, we knew the whole situation was already hard for him. On one side, he was crying about his family, and on the other, he needed to find his father’s killer. Here we were as families, who weren’t the antagonist but in his mind, we were. He looked as if our vehicle was the same car at the crime scene. He even claimed the plate number with a Texas registration number – a city close by, which he couldn’t recognize last night, was the same thing. After everything, it became clear that he was thinking that we are one who killed his father. He was none, other than an Advocate; he might be using his powers to claim us as the killer.

The bottom line is; if the strange and unknown guy had known about the forensic cctv video enhancement software, he would have deblurred the vehicle’s license plate. With this move, he would have uncovered a lot of information regarding the crime scene. Maybe that wouldn’t bring back his dead father, but at least he won’t die blaming himself for his father’s death, which was not his mistake. He also would have fixed his hunger by trying to search and find his father’s killer. Maybe!


Or maybe not!

Conclusion: –

I am writing this article for the tech update that if anything happens with you or if you need any software which can help you to clear the cctv footage, image authentication, video enhancement or many more. You can buy this kind of forensic software online. I have got to know about this particular website that helps a lot to solve these kinds of criminal cases with their advanced forensic software available.-

Denise Cooper

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