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Impact Of Online Learning On Student’s Mental Health

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Due to covid-19 pandemic, the educational sector allowed online classes or which causes of mental and physical health issues for both teachers and students, know the impact of online classes.


The covid-19 pandemic changes the way of education drastically people used to isolate themselves at home and many multinational companies allow work from home or institutes started online learning which is helpful for that time or a particular time period.

educational sector

As soon as it comes permanent it impacts negatively students it causes many mental and physical health issues for both students and teachers so the safety of students and teachers must be a priority for everyone or it’s essential to look at the effect of online classes on students. 


Online learning also known as distance education or also includes the physical separation of students and teachers, no doubt it includes so many technologies which help students to communicate with the teacher in addition to weak infrastructure if some students wouldn’t able to attend a regular lecture so these are some reason for which reflect student’s performance.


Negative Impact Of Online Classes On Students

Most education starts offline classes or some of doing it for three days a week where exams or seminars are done offline at each institute so here are some major impacts of online learning on students.


  • It leading a lack of interest- due to online classes children lose their interest in classes or outdoor environments or where most students are off camera or doing any other work or most of the classes are attended by their guardians in a result students can’t able to do homework or assignments.

educational sector

  • Stress and anxiety-  on online classes students sit in front of a screen for 5 to 6 hours which leads to laziness and leniency to students but when it comes to examinations students couldn’t perform well or it trigger pressure on their mind o which lead to anxiety and stress.


  • Causes of zoom fatigue- It refer to exhaustion due to continuing working or attending zoom meeting or zoom conference because students spend time on the screen in that case student get irritated or if we didn’t cover anything in the course it causes things like depression etc.


  • Lack of physical activity –  Continue work on the screen leads to eyesight issue or also increase laziness because in school students attend sports period assembly but all these are not possible in online classes or also affect the learning performance of students.


Conclusion-   online learning impacts as well as parents’ side because they also pressure children for better performance, so is true that online learning initially started in a good way but now its turn drastically or know impact negatively to students so it’s important for us to all these side effects on the mind because it can be harmful or affect the future of an upcoming generation. 

Denise Cooper


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