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Video Deblurring Software: Why Is Video Deblurring Important Today?| Cognitech

Video Deblurring Software

In forensics today, one big issue that most investigators encounter is the video quality problem. Unfortunately, video quality issues can arise due to many factors, including poor focus or low resolution from the camera, which was used to capture the video forensic evidence.

For any video evidence to be accepted in a court of law today, it needs to be available with high quality. That said, here’s a quick question; what exactly will happen if the video evidence in your possession comes with blurred images?

With blurred images, the chances of your video forensic evidence getting received in a court of law are pretty slim. To avoid the evidence getting rejected, one effective solution you can rely on is video deblurring software.

  • What exactly is video deblurring software?
  • How possible is it to deblur online your low-quality video evidence?

Read on to discover all you should know about these video deblurring-related questions.

What exactly is image/video deblurring?

In simple terms, deblurring is a recovery process that helps to eliminate any blurring artifacts from video or image evidence. For images, deblurring works by helping to recover any sharp latent image from a blurred image forensic evidence. The same thing also goes for video evidence. However, in this case, the recovery process is strictly on the transparent pixels.

As earlier mentioned, blurred images are usually caused by different factors. Apart from lack of focus, object motion and camera shake are two other common factors. Well, regardless of the cause of your blurred video or image, one thing you need to know is that your evidence will most likely be rejected if it has low quality. To avoid this issue, you need to find a way to increase the quality of the image or video forensic evidence.

Today, one effective video deblurring software tool you can take advantage of to deblur online is the Cognitech Video Investigator 64. But how exactly does this software work?

How does Cognitech Video Investigator 64 work for deblurring online?

Today, when it comes to enhancing the quality of video forensic evidence, two things are possible. First, there’s a manual approach to improving a video’s quality with certain tools. The second approach involves the use of AI-based tools to boost the quality of the video. Although the first approach works, it can’t be compared to the latter, which is designed to offer you more control over how you get to adjust and deblur your video for better quality.

Since you certainly don’t want to tamper with the integrity of your video evidence, you need software that will give you total control over how you deblur online your video. Here’s where the need to use Cognitech Video Investigator 64 comes into play.

Although Cognitech Video Investigator 64 performs different functions, you can always take advantage of it as a video deblurring software. That’s so because it’s designed with tons of devouring features, which you’ll certainly like.

  • For instance, to deblur online, this software will provide you with an Adaptive Deblur filter (ADF). This offering also comes with Interactive Blind Deconvolution. With these two offerings, deblurring your video forensic evidence will become pretty simple even if you have no prior knowledge of blurring.
  • Other key features of Cognitech video deblurring software include the Adaptive Blur filter, the Sharpen filter, the Motion Deblur filter, and the Total Variation Deblur filter.

You can learn more about how each of these features works when you visit the Cognitech Video Investigator 64 official page.

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